Northside Property Transfers: May 11-15


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Allegheny West

Louis John DePellegrini to Oakglade Realty 2 L.P. at 841 N Lincoln Ave. and 840 Chapel Way for $567,000.

Brighton Heights

Jason Argueta et al. to Bethany Zidek at 3527 Laird St. for $118,000.

Peter Bellisario to Karen and Ciro Merlino at 3841 McClure Ave. for $205,900.

Richard Owens to Greenbriar Investment Co. LLC at 2016 Stonelea St. for $32,901 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $95,150) by sheriff’s deed.


Pittsburgh City to Project Destiny Inc. at 1302 Sigel St. for $4,900.

Pitttsburgh City to Project Destiny Inc. at 1314 Sigel St. for $3,900.

Lisa Rose 1612 LLC to McIntosh Management L.P. at 1612 Brighton Place for $79,000.

Leon Lee Dorsey to Darwin Copeland at 1610 Brighton Road for $19,000.

Central Northside

Clara Charlton Leonard to Nathan Read and Margaret Ogden at 311 N Taylor Ave. for $205,000.

Jerome Cypher to James Drakes and Lisa Gorzynski at 1419 Porterfield St. for $166,000.

East Deutschtown

Pittsburgh City to Kenneth and Kathleen D’Appolonia at 820 Lovitt Way for $2,000.

Gene Eiler to Rabia Hannan El Haj Benali at 858 Suismon St. for $8,000.

Historic Deutschtown

East Allegheny Community Council Inc. to Eric and Rachel Booth at 619-621 Foreland St. for $30,000.

Frank Schrim to Bertha on the Park LLC at 711 James St. for $55,000.

George Stewart Jr. to Stephen Brady at 524 Thropp St. for $50,000.

Observatory Hill

Pittsburgh City to William and Katherine Shimko at 3274 Orleans St. for $220 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $22,110).

Pittsburgh City to Duaine Berger at Spice St. (162-P-188) for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,090).


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