Allegheny City Central

Coswyn LLC et al. to Melwood Manor L.P. at 1202 Federal St. for $242,475.

Brighton Heights

James Ellis to Sidz Properties LLC at 3613-3615 California Ave. for $305,000.
Lucas Tishaw to Kevin and Casey Gormley at 3624 Harbison Ave. for $240,000.


Tristan Sopp to Roy Ledford at 1714 Meadville St. for $142,300.

Spring Hill

Machell Lewis to JRM Investment Relty 2010 LLC at 1135 Buente St. for $70,000.
Sofiane Kemacha to Haley Maddox Daniels at 1513 Hetzel St. for $290,000.

Troy Hill

Estate of Terry Ann Raymond to Madhusudhan Jinka at 1505 Fleck St. for $110,000.
Timothy Albrethsen to Victoria Stephan at 1142 Goettman St. for $139,000.

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