Allegheny West

​J & K Invest CO L.P. to Community College Allegheny County at 834 Ridge Ave. for $1,600,000.

Historic Deutschtown

​Jessica DeYoung to Ramsey Kassih at 1206 Middle St. for $261,000.

Observatory Hill

Jeffrey Welnick to Ingrid Bohme at 3025 Mt. Allister Road for $275,000.

Spring Hill

Seaira Collins to Alan Landy at 1824 Rhine St. for $12,000.

Summer Hill

​​Lawrence Grone to Dennis Roger et al. and Patricia Roger at 147 Montville St. for $105,000.
Lawrence Grone to Dennis and Patricia Roger at 149 Montville St. for $111,000.

Troy Hill

​AABBCDE Trustee 17 LLC trustee to Aaron Todaro at 2041 Lautner St. for $95,000.


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