Allegheny City Central

Norman Gregory Humphries to Thomas Fairchild at 706 Jacksonia St. for $226,000.



New Colonist LLC to Aaron Anderson at 1247 Dickson St. for $24,900.

Michael Perez to Jennifer Nuttall at 96 Lecky Ave. for $10,000.

Central Penn Capital Management LLC to Grover Alexander at 3834 McClure Ave. for $143,500.

East Deutschtown

John McGrath et al. to Joseph Allbaugh at 823 Concord St. for $294,900.


Historic Deutschtown

Bruce McIlrath et al. to Schenley Capital Partners LLC at 541 E. Ohio St. for $313,000.

Donna Muschar et al. to Harry Muschar at 626 Suismon St. for $26,667.

Observatory Hill

CN 110 Enterprises LLC to Rising Tide Vinceton 3922 LLC at 3922 Vinceton St. for $19,900.

Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC to Kyle and Elyssa Kerrigan at 3942 Vinceton St. for $40,000.

Perry Hilltop

Charles Epps to Charles and Lisa Epps at 2439 Lyzell St. for $125,000.

Edward Nassan to Nicholas Martin at 352-353 Marshall Ave. for $174,000.

Kevin Jost to Stanley Saxton and Ikuma Ojok at 425 Marshall Ave. for $20,000.


Spring Hill

Gabe Mazefsky to Street Contracting LLC at 1206 Iten St. for $28,000.

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