Allegheny City Central

Eric Logue to Michael and Trinley Busby at 512 Sampsonia Way for $314,900.
Debra Smallwood to Soldiers4Students LLC at 513 W. Jefferson St. for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $34,200).

Brighton Heights

John Blumer to William Alexander Properties LLC at 3901 California Ave. for $145,000.
US Bank NA trustee to Neil Okeefe at 3459 McClure Ave. for $9,001.


Pierrette Myra Kane to Patrick Rulong at 1226 Dickson St. for $75,000.
Housing & Urban Development to Metro Burgh Properties L.P. at 1192 New Hampshire Drive for $30,000.

Observatory Hill

James Williams Jr. to Lisa Thrasher at 212 Venture St. for $66,000.

Perrysville Trust #1003022 to F & S Quality Homes LLC at 3022 Perrysville Ave. for $45,000.

William Stevens to Michael Frazier at 4030 Stilwell St. for $60,000.

Perry Hilltop

Home Opportunity LLC to Equigrowth Properties LLLP at 2919 N. Charles St.
for $18,556.

Spring Garden

Carol Blakeley to Kathryn Anne Benson at 2300 Spring Garden Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $25,080).

Summer Hill

Louise Pugliano to Heather Somerville and Harry Thomas at 274 Chapin St. for $120,000.


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