Northside Property Transfers: March 3-7, 2014



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Northside residential and commercial property transfers from the week of March 3-7, 2014.

Brighton Heights

Ray Bird Realty LLC to WR Properties LLC at 3458 Fleming Ave. for $129,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Joel Sanchez Palomino at 1625 Orchlee St. for $12,200.


Canterbury Investment Group LLC to Rozzitano Properties LLC at 1368 Oakhill St. for $16,889.

David Venable to DJ Investment Properties LLC at 3026 Vensel Way for $145,000.

Stephen Flaherty to Oakglade Realty Capital Partn. L.P. at 1425 Woodland Ave. for $40,000

Central Northside

Estate of Jessie Louise Howard to Steven Riffe at 1314 Boyle St. for $55,000.

Penny Foreclosures 2 LLC to Gideon Point Inc. at 28 Alpine Ave. for $43,000.

Audra Chisom to Justin Greenfield at 516 Armandale St. for $74,000.

Jacquelyn Miles to Michael Oliveira at 1409 Federal St. for $329,900.


Stanley Thompson to Michael and Michele Robb at 1322 Liverpool St. for $270,000.

James Herring Jr. to Manchester Academic Charter School at 1241 N. Franklin St. for $335,000.

Observatory Hill

Lindsay Rieger to Brooks Franus at 2939 Norwood Ave. for $119,000.

Howard Phillips III to Oakglade Realty Capital Partn. L.P. at 3351 Portola St. for $45,000.

Perry Hilltop

Loretta Millen to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 617 Danbury St. for $1,764 by sheriff’s deed.

Laurence Schaumberg to Kora Homes LLC at 34 Kenwood Ave. for $3,500.

Delaiah Cunningham to Triple Helix LLC at 423 Marshall Ave. for $3,051 by sheriff’s deed.

Spring Garden

Clarence Watkins to Carl Hoffield at 1414 Spring Garden Ave. for $15,000.

Spring Hill

Michele Lynn Nerone to Arthur Mustakas at 25 Solar St. for $6,500.

Summer Hill

Kristy Collins Toia to Joel Kennedy at 4221 Harpen Road for $77,000.

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