Allegheny City Central

Pittsburgh City to Christian and Colby Vagley at Reddour St. (Parcel ID :0023-K-00389-0001-00 – VACANT LAND) for $16,100.
Nikki Wise to Gregory Baker and Thomas Ward at 1225 Resaca Pl for $690,000.

Allegheny West

Jonathan Morrison to Howard William and Helen Elizabeth Harris at 834 Beech Ave. Unit 5 for $315,000.

Brighton Heights

Merle Moorhead II to Eric Brown at 855 Benton Ave. for $230,000.
James Verbitsky to Gregory Cyprych and Leslie Walsh at 3620 Fleming Ave. for $325,000.
Isaac Elster to Home Buying Solutions Inc. at 3914 Kleber St. for $165,000.
Steven Hunt to Daniel Nocera at 102 Flora St. for $132,000.


Creative Solutions Investments LLC to David Priselac at Sedgwick St. (Parcel ID: 0022-C-00077-0000-00 – VACANT LAND) for $15,000.

East Deutschtown

Teutonia Maennerchor Allegheny City to Nicola Dicio and Carol Herder at 868 Phineas St. for $15,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Allegheny Inn LLC to ESL Realco LLC at 1010 Cedar Ave. for $500,000.
Dawn Uzdale to Robert Clift and Hillary Demmon at 906 Cedar Ave. for $455,000.
Lawrence Dicicco to Daniel Stefancin at 516 E North Ave. for $284,900.


Shamar Gilmore to 2014 Baracz & Hubert Family Trust at 1249 Liverpool St. for $210,000.
Dean Walters to Jared and Meredith Pierce at 1437 Sheffield St. for $465,000.


Michael Cole to Richai Johnson at 3138 Shadeland Ave. for $139,000.

Observatory Hill

Allen Place Community Services Inc. to Pride Project Inc. at 227 Bonvue St. for $584,800.
Kevin Sibcy to Joshua Weichmann and Anna Maria Montano at 4006 Franklin Road for $179,500.

Spring Hill

Estate of Joseph Fafata to Joseph and Paulette Schwartz at 1336 Buente St. for $80,000.

Summer Hill

David Harvey Jr. to Kiril Petreveski at 602 Ivory Ave. for $186,000.
William Dengler Jr. to Zachary William and Rachel Christine Dengler at 3628 Manuel St. for $80,000.
Michelle Snyder to Lisa Labrakopoulos at 116 Montville St. for $95,000.

Troy Hill

Estate of Gerard Koch to Jeff Anesin at 1503 Gardner St. for $15,000.
The High Return Pittsburgh MultiFamily F to Devon Lamar Tate and Kenia S Lewis Johnson at 1624 Lowrie St. for $60,000.
Tyler Mossman to WGMAC LLC at 2109 Lowrie St. for $60,000.
Estate of Joseph Leskowak to Licinia Holdings LLC at 1805 Sundeman St. for $45,000.
Jeffrey Letters to New Troy LLC at 1409 Tinsbury St. for $72,840.

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