Allegheny City Central

Allegheny City Central Corp. to Diane Sninsky at 115 E Jefferson St. for $2,500.

Brighton Heights

James Brent to Brian Krull at 3456 Harbison Ave. for $119,650.


Teddy Adair to Ronald Pistorius at 1510 Sedgwick St. for $22,000.


Pittsburgh City to Christian Fellowship Center at 1614 Eckert St. for $1,160.
William Dever to Ezra Ezl Boteach at 3111 Oxfield St. for $35,000.

Observatory Hill

Estate of Mildred Gindele to Bryan Mahon and Melissa Osburn at 117 Richey Ave. for $199,000.

Perry Hilltop

Deborah Holmes to June Lloyd at 121 Hawkins Ave. for $30,000.
NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC to Jennifer Naeger at 128 Maywood St. for $157,000.

Summer Hill

Adam Ravenstahl to Anuradha Basavaraju and Basavaraju Shankarappa at 4455 Highridge St. for $195,000.

Troy Hill

Estate of Angelica Capani to Al Capani at 1133 Troy Hill Road for $79,230.
Robert Tierney to Dauber Henrikson Management LLC at 1124 Brabec St. for $35,000.
Lynn Rosenberger to Thomas Hartman and Rebecca Nyren at 2016 Ley St. for $30,000.
Pittsburgh City to Michael Albrethsen at 2034 Ley St. for $5,000.


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