Allegheny City Central

201712WY-41 LLC to Jacksonia Rentals LLC at 107 Jacksonia St. for $205,000.

Allegheny West

Cameron Patrick Neth to DWY LLC at 905 Beech Ave. for $650,000.

Brighton Heights

Larry McDonald to Todd Bates at 134 Bascom Ave. for $135,000.
Estate of Richard Palmieri to Michael Hardy – Jetter and Andrea Hardy Jetter at 1186 Benton Pl for $192,000.
Donald Zola to Richard Decarlo and Casimir Olszewski Jr. at 3756 California Ave. for $80,000.
Raymond Kingston to Bruce David Vincent at 3555 Gerber Ave. for $195,000.
Jonathan Dalbey to Gina Grone at 3661 Harbison Ave. for $177,500.
Stephen Long to Nicholas James Miller at 3446 Sipe St. for $127,500.
John Miller to Joshua and Alena Mullen at 3830 Wealth St. for $207,000.
Christopher Sciulli to Peter and Jaime McDevitt at 3618 Wickshire St. for $168,000.

East Deutschtown

Philip Heinrich Jr. to Ciccarelli & Sons LLC at 840 Suismon St. for $55,000.


Robert Zehfuss to Daniel Przybylak at 1711 Lanark St. for $155,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Kevin Rentler to Aniket Hirebet and Sarah Andrews at 607 Foreland St. for $165,000.
Modern Touch Properties LLC to Nathan Cooper and Victoria Rivera at 600 Pressley St. for $460,000.


N13 Realty Holding LLC to Robert Piston Jr. at 1008 Abdell St. for $231,000.
Peter Barner to Benjamin Gobel and Allison Brown at 1316 Liverpool St. for $176,000.
Raghen Morrow to Michael Nacey at 1245 Sheffield St. for $260,000.


Douglas Baker to Robert Higgins at 1211 Superior Ave. for $120,000.
Zachary Morgan to Robert Lee Rumbaugh III and Anna Elizabeth Rumbaugh at 1437 Woodland Ave. for $99,000.

Observatory Hill

Michael Eritz to Rocked Properties LLC at 4102 Grizella St. for $65,000.
Douglas D Baker to Paul and Toni Lynn Reed at 3458 Perrysville Ave. for $130,000.
Andrew Inks to Michael and Talma Williams at 3844 Perrysville Ave. for $185,000.
Yelena Zilberstein to SFR 3 LLC at 3865 Perrysville Ave. for $68,000.
Gary Rathbun to Raunaq Parikh at 4065 Vinceton St. for $72,000.

Spring Garden

Sequitur Financial LLC to Robert Reed Kovalan at 821 Spring Garden Ave. for $70,000.
Anh Ngo to Robert Reed Kovalan at 823 Spring Garden Ave. for $198,000.
Joshua Clark Gaines to Erik and Kalina Kath at 1540 Rhine St. for $289,500.

Troy Hill

Stacey Kronander to Luke Starcher at 1954 Lowrie St. for $114,000.

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