Northside Counts! 2020 Census

Brighton Heights

Caleb Mejias Shell to Jody Shell at 3834 Wilksboro St. for $160,000.
David Myers to James Kurtak at 959 Woods Run Ave. for $2,500.

Historic Deutschtown

Rabia Hassan El Haj Benali to Melissa Finucane at 842 Tripoli St. for $160,000.


Kathleen Bridges to 3E Real Estate LLC at 1420 N Franklin St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $143,376).


Michael Thewes to Labougie LLC at 2816 California Ave. for $21,000.

M2 & M3 Capital Funding LLC to 2:25 Investments LLC at 1336 Complete St. for $35,800.

Aaron Haskal trustee to First Kornerstone Properties LLC at 1210 Thelma St. for $30,000.

Observatory Hill

David Myers to R & MC Properties LLC at 4008-4010 Perrysville Ave. for $68,000.

Alison Heibel to Giselle Torres Fernandes at 126 Richey Ave. for $200,000.

Ampleton Group L.P. to Caleb Mejias and Clarisa Mejias Shell at 315 Richey Ave. for $270,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to 2019 Castle LLC at 58 Watson Blvd. for $8,510.

Perry Hilltop

Christopher W Wall Fuget to Jordan Robert Mitro at 2596 Magnet St. for $16,000.

Pittsburgh City to Nedhal Moqbel and Abdellah Laswad at 2537 Perrysville Ave. for $4,050.

Pittsburgh City to Nedhal Moqbel and Abdellah Laswad at 2615 Perrysville Ave. for $18,000.

Spring Garden

Martin Katz to First Kornerstone Properties LLC at 1332 Diana St. for $35,000.*

Troy Hill

Anthony Francis Spagnolo to Shaun and Lisa Tomlin at 1309 Lowrie St. for $54,000.

*This listing was added on 3/23/2020. We apologize for the omission.


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