Allegheny City Central

Thomas Knoll to Todd Meyer at 527 N Taylor Ave. for $140,000.
Kathleen Celestino to Gretday LLC at 1112 Palo Alto St. for $189,900.

Brighton Heights

Gary Mullen to Gary and Kathy Mullen trustee at 1416 Benton Ave. for $86,070.
Daniel Winne to Stefani Snyder and Daniel Lannon at 3650 California Ave. for $255,000.
Boyd Chante Cox to Rushi Homes LLC at 945 Davis Ave. for $78,000.
Kevin Donahue to Mary Etta and Jaime Lynn Chesney at 1127 Lapish Road for $150,000.

East Deutschtown

Garth Asmussen to 916 Phineas St. LLC at 916 Phineas St. for $55,000.


Leroy Whitsett to Anthony Prestigiacomo at 2014 Letsche St. for $65,000 by sheriff’s deed.


Donna Holko to Janell Ayanru at 1409 Evandale Road for $118,000.
Robert Martinac to Chante Faulk at 1245 Hodgkiss St. for $160,000.

First National Bank PA to ARL Realty 1 LLC at 1263 Hodgkiss St. for $30,000.

Dennis Short to Joni Lee Barnett at 3120 Inglis St. for $20,000.

Summer Hill

Vincent Chen to Christie Chen trustee at 187 Ivory Ave. for $20,000.

Garrett Miller to Gregory Woods at 4468 Valley View St. for $220,000.

Troy Hill

Oneill Maintenance to Pizzarati LLC at 1712 Lowrie St. for $121,000 by sheriff’s deed.

Barr Property Development Inc. to Amanda Leigh Drenning at 2120 Lowrie St. for $370,000.

Observatory Hill

Heather Klinger to Barsa Holdings 201 LLC at 4112 Franklin Road for $44,000.

Perry Hilltop

Joshua Barker to Thomas Walton and Chelsey Linn Fisher at 221 Marshall Ave. for $203,000.

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