Northside Property Transfers: March 13-17, 2017


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Allegheny City Central

David Shlapak to Michael Ryan Cole at 1203 Palo Alto St. for $382,500.

Brian Basile to Pamela Scholz and Pamela Murin at 1434 Federal St. for $374,500.

KAG Ltd. 2 to Jeffrey and Sherah Rothman at 1412 Sandusky St. for $275,000.

Brighton Heights

Patrick Joseph McGrath to Rearden Properties L.P. at 1618 Antrim St. for $17,410.

Patrick Joseph McGrath et al. to Rearden Properties L.P. at 1620 Antrim St. for $62,590.

Three Rivers Youth to KNE L.P. at 3865 3867 Brighton Road for $141,000.

HSBC Bank USA NA trustee to Deutsch & Assoc. LLC at 1618 Chidell St. for $26,000.

Lamar Davis to Patrick Brannan at 1348 Davis Ave. for $190,000.

Mt. Nebo Property Solutions L.P. to Jonathan Atkinson and Alison Cahalin at 3951 Kleber St. for $275,000.

Novastar C L.P. to Diversified REI LLC at 3641 Massachusetts Ave. for $55,000.

Housing & Urban Development to River Point Renovations LLC at 1813 Morrell St. for $71,550.

John Marchese to Shelby Komer and Frederick Mravintz Jr. at 1433 Orchlee St. for $138,000.

Marlex Properties LLC to Rebecca Jo Abigail Rumfelt at 1617 Orchlee St. for $215,000.


Charles Schnepp to Raynard Glymph at 2314 Atmore St. for $25,000.

Arta Mae Camino to Daniel Lee and Heidi Holt at 1150 Marshall Ave. for $97,000.

East Allegheny

James Mullin to Buncher Co. at 876 Progress St. for $335,000.

Andrew Sulka to Luckey Family Holdings LLC at 1027 Vinial St. for $69,900.


Julie Christoffersen to 1003 N Franklin Partn. LLC at 1003 N. Franklin St. for $70,000.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Niyazi Boncukcu at 1124 N. Franklin St. for $37,500.

Edward Olden to Edward and Marie Seftas at 1313 Pennsylvania Ave. for $138,300.

Frank Nelson to Lagunita Investments L.P. at 1409 W. North Ave. for $26,000.

Observatory Hill

Sarah Marie Marshall to Deutsch & Assoc. LLC at 395 Maline St. for $33,000.

William Kind to Andrea Johnson and Brandon Stump at 114 Richey Ave. for $160,000.

US Bank NA trustee to Ampleton Group L.P. at 315 Richey Ave. for $37,919.

Perry Hilltop

Mary VanNess to Ochlberg Realty Holdings LLC at 632 Chautauqua St. and Irwin Ave. for $29,000.

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