Allegheny City Central

​Grate Dame Lp to Viburnum Equity LLC at 1221 Reddour St. for $390,000.
Chad Hockenjos to Jason and Amie Guattery at 1222 Sherman Ave. for $380,000.
PPREF A LLC to Michael Silverstein and Milton Mejia at 253 E Jefferson St. for $91,500.

Brighton Heights

​Golden Key Development LLC to Stephanie Kyereme at 3836 Brighton Road for $185,000.
William McSorley Jr. to Oikos Properties LLC at 3979 Kleber St. for $100,000.
Matthew Berardi to Peter Johnson and Emily Garmirian at 1530 Pennock Road for $245,000.
Anna May Hoffman Irrevocable Trust to Quinn McKnight at 1134 Termon Ave. for $90,000.
Eric Cornell to Mark Crawford at 3817 Wilksboro Ave. for $242,000.


​Ed Green to Northside Properties R & S LLC at 1201 Kunkle Ave. for $18,000.


Ninfa Sorola Coker to Devlinc Inc. at 1960 Federal St. Ext. for $80,000.  

Historic Deutschtown

​​RVF Holdings LLC to Anastas Stoyanovsky at 1113 Linden Pl for $460,000.


​Estate of Frances Gruss to Significance 3251 Inc. at 1428 Sheffield St. for $26,000.


Nnena E J Odim to DHN Real Estate & Investments LLC at 1436 Forsythe St. for $75,000.*
Brian Schaub to Viburnum Equity LLC at 1-3 Lecky Ave. for $180,000.*

Marcella Scannell to Orion Properties LLC at 1023 Woods Run Ave. for $15,000.
Joseph Monroe to Orion Properties LLC at 1025 Woods Run Ave. for $50,000.

Observatory Hill

​Julia Cocchiola to Jonathan Mitchell Hoffmann and Leslie Elizabeth Horton at 3127 Perrysville Ave. for $212,000.

Perry Hilltop

​Anna Knabe to Kathleen Hammill at 1845 Clayton Ave. # 106 for $123,300.
My Pearl Investments LTD to Riscott Investments LLC at 1683-1681 Perrysville Ave. for $92,500.
Steirs Properties LLC to Gary Lee Hairston at 308 Elsdon St. for $20,000.
Emily Jefferson to Oludare Bolarinwa and Jamie Jefferson at 2626 Norwood Ave. for $90,000.
Charles Williams to Gilberto Castano Garcia at 2642 Norwood Ave. for $18,000.

Spring Garden

​Sarah Quinn to Luckey Holdings LLC at 1245 High St. for $40,000.

Spring Hill

​Sara Daum to Andrew Weier and Patrick Rakszawski at 1927 Rockledge St. for $226,500.
Charles Linhart to Daniel Woredekal and Anitha Reddy at 2150 Rockledge St. for $285,000.

Summer Hill

​Kevin Morgan to Shawn Wolfe at 4122 Fairbanks Ave. for $182,300.

Troy Hill

​Thomas Hartman to Christa Forquer at 2016 Ley St. for $160,000.
Equity Trust Co. Cust FBO Stephanie HahnI to New Cross LLC at 2006 Lowrie St. for $95,000.
Jean Schell to Elliot Swauger at 2020 Veronica St. for $120,000.
Melonie Nance to Tim Oury and Charleen Chu at 65 Waterfront Drive for $750,000.

*Editor’s note 3/31/2021: The format of these listings has been updated for clarity.


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