Allegheny City Central

Jude Hays to Camden Leeds and Heather Johnson at 1527 Arch St. for $50,211.

Brighton Heights

Estate of James Close to Lauren Herckis at 1210 Benton Ave. for $168,000.
Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to LNR Flips LLC at 3344 Brighton Road for $43,000.
LHNP Strat De LLC to et al at 3621 Elmhurst Ave. for $89,500.
Karrie Bernhard to Mariah Faith Sturges at 4031 Northminister St. for $270,000.
River Point Renovations 2 LLC to Jonathan Dalessandro at 2008 Termon Ave. for $257,000.
Meredith Ann Bryan to Jonathan Edward Bryan at 3619 Wealth St. for $150,000.

East Deutschtown

SRG Holdings L.P. to Paola Andrae at 914 Peralta St. for $60,000.

Historic Deutschtown

October Real Estate Holdings LLC to Alix Simone and Anwar Ferdinand at 738 Middle St. for $520,000.


Charles Beech 2017 L.P. to Kurits Lee and Rachel Ann Hardy at 1216 N Franklin St. for $210,200.

Observatory Hill

Mark Ray to Emily Schlemmer at 57 DeFoe St. for $170,000.
Julia Skorija to Wilson & Crew at 3105 Perrysville Ave. for $25,000.
Phillip Susie to Y & O Investments LLC et al. at 3109 Perrysville Ave. for $50,000.

Perry Hilltop

Anna Rodriguez to MR R Coo Enterprises PA 1 LLC at 407 Hawkins Ave. for $10,000.

Summer Hill

Jill Krull to Andrew Bott at 4459 Scherling St. for $200,000.

Troy Hill

Jetglo Properties LLC to RECB LLC at 1808 Ley St. for $56,000.
Joseph Kuntz to New Troy LLC at 1628 Lowrie St. for $131,625.

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