Northside Property Transfers: June 5-9, 2017


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Allegheny City Central

Howard Muranko to John Young et al. and Susan Barnett et al. at 500 W. North Ave. for $530,000.

Charles Bettendorf to Ryan and Susan McNulty at 21 Alpine Ave. for $278,500.

Brighton Heights

Lynn Majetich to Richard Groskopf at 218 Carpenter Lane for $184,900.

Kristine L Mielcarek Sharpe trustee to Jessica Hoover at 1200 Benton Ave. for $119,000.

Drew Spencer to Lindsey Duncan at 1152 Benton Place for $135,000.

Corey Pistininzi to Eric Yarnell at 3833 Brighton Road for $135,500.

Francis Pusateri to Jules Levine at 3450 Harbison Ave. for $95,500.


William Muscia to Melanie Sweeney at 2916 Mullins St. for $89,000.

East Deutschtown

Ryan Matthew Heddleston to Katie Binetti at 842 Phineas St. for $65,500.

Estate of Paul Kello to Matthew and Melissa Woodhouse at 906 Phineas St. for $51,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Roger Rolles to East Ohio Capital LLC at 709 East St. for $130,000.


Robert McCarthy to Bill Wright at 1238 Liverpool St. for $42,000.

Observatory Hill

Sally Daley trustee to Garrett Frantz at 34 Bascom Ave. for $77,000.

Harco Properties LLC to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 17 Bonvue St. for $49,000.

Janice Lynn Getsy trustee to Renee Translateur and Alan Warshauer at 28 Richey Ave. for $159,900.

Perry Hilltop

Plaza Realty Group LLC to A1 Properties Pittsburgh LLC at 1900-1902 Lithgow Ave. for $15,500.

Leah Spells Saylor to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 2239 Wilson Ave. for $3,000.

Spring Hill

Ricardo Aparicio Garcia to David and Deena Ross at 1351 Diana Place for $52,000.

Peter Albrethsen to Russell Robert Irwin and Bonnie Kathleen Ennis at 1116 Haslage Ave. for $73,000.

Estate of John Doloughty Jr. to WendyP Investment Properties LLC at 20 Woessner St. for $6,500.

Summer Hill

Daniel Savage to Caitlyn Wirkowski at 4468 Highridge St. for $89,000.

Kevin Mullin to Colleen Burletic at 4492 Highridge St. for $119,000.

Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC to Corey Glasgow at 3521 Sirius St. for $164,845.

Troy Hill

Richard Pilardi to SJ Group LLC at 2148 Straubs Lane for $13,500.

Larry Kilian to Robert and Patricia Tunno at 75 Waterfront Drive for $670,700.

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