Allegheny City Central

Capital Homes LLC to TWJS & JYC LLC at 1610 Brighton Road for $112,000.

Allegheny City Central Assn. to Frank Quinn Construction Corp. at 108 Carrington St. for $2,000.

John Lamb to Branton Properties LLC at 614 Jacksonia St. for $225,000.

Anthony Foster to Dana Kemmerle Gunn at 610 Sampsonia Way for $270,000.

Blest Investment Group LLC to Pittsburgh Property Guy H2 L.P. at 1437 Sandusky St. for $50,000.


Brighton Heights

BLN Properties LLC to Chinh and Thy Tran at 3541 California Ave. for $265,000.

Christ Hope Ecumenical Catholic Church to New Life Family Worship Center Pittsburg at 1301 Davis Ave. for $168,118.

Paul Morack Jr. to Todd Wermager and Melissa Ford at 1132 Pemberton St. for $215,000.

Jason Beggarly to Shouf Holdings LLC at 1446 Reuben St. for $20,000.

Brandi Rosselli to Mitchell and Leigh Young at 184 Richbarn Road for $210,000.



Diane Annis Dixon to Tazia Dixon at 1044 Grand Ave. for $95,000.

Nancy Ann Welsh to Seth and Anne Newcomer at 3709 Hiawatha St. for $58,000.

Nancy Ann Welsh to Seth and Anne Newcomer at 3711 Hiawatha St. for $63,000.



Dennis Campbell et al. to Emilia Wiles at 1109 Island Ave. for $239,900.

East Deutschtown

Mark Fassy to Pittsburgh Property Guy H3 L.P. at 849 Concord St. for $36,000.


Pittsburgh City to Elaina Chisom at 2018 Letsche St. for $400 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,280).


Historic Deutschtown

Northside Worldwide Inc. to Daniel Bobovnyik and Cheryl Kakurai at 1202 James St. for $295,000.

October Real Estate Holdings LLC to Aniket Hirebet and Sarah Andrews at 742 Middle St. for $50,000.

October Real Estate Holdings LLC to John McNamara and Adele Armann at 808 Middle St. for $100,000.


Perry Hilltop

Jane Clark to Charlyn Horton at 16 Ellzey St. for $75,000.

Ross Paullet to Victoria Jordan at 2714 Perrysville Ave. for $132,500.

Observatory Hill

Steven Negri et al. to Babcock Commons LLC at 3906 Perrysville Ave. for $100,000.

Russell Laubach trustee to Bernadette Hairston Rosser at 261 Watson Blvd. for $9,600.


Spring Garden

Jeffrey Bailey to Youba Ait Hamoudi at 1420 Firth St. for $41,000.

Summer Hill

David Lee Stevens to Andrew Dice at 110 Montville St. for $84,000.

Troy Hill

William Novak to Emily Brown at 2060 Straubs Lane for $54,900.

Estate of Margaret Christopher to No Good Deed LLC at 1909 Tours St. for $33,000.


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