Allegheny City Central

David Goldband to Tosdice LLC at 1112 Palo Alto St. Apt A for $175,000.
Resaca Assoc. LLC to John Tolson II and Lisa Tolson at 1112 Palo Alto St. Apt C for $173,500.
Pamela Scholz to Craig and Nancy Cannon at 1434 Federal St. for $450,000.

Allegheny West

913 W North Avenue LLC to Raymond Omalacy and Richard Plundo at 913 W. North Ave. for $293,000.

Brighton Heights

Anceda Dugan to Matt Juzwick and Brian Campbell at 3827 Atkins St. for $90,100.
Karen Russell to Weldon Lovely Jr. and Rachel Lovely at 122 Bookbinder Circle for $165,000.
Real Estate Solutions TR LLC to Henry and Lisa Wiens at 3348 Harbison St. for $140,000.
George Rieger to Natalie Perko at 3224 Richardson Ave. for $30,800.
Daniel Wolf to Wade Ewing at 122 Richbarn Road for $130,000.
Lucretia Boscia to Marlex Properties LLC at 2033 Termon Ave. for $50,223 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $88,008) by sheriff’s deed.

Historic Deutschtown

Estate of Roy David Redman to Executive Mart Partn. at 517 Tripoli St. for $294,950.


Estate of Evelyn Jones to East End Group LLC at 1213 Liverpool St. for $143,290.


Estate of Mildred Gavulich to Esther Siau at 2668 California Ave. for $64,500.
Laura Tache to Matthew Libby and Kristen Blair Serrano at 1022 Rothpletz St. for $177,000.

Observatory Hill

Oakstone Capital LLC to Daniel McNelis and Sharon Francis at 120 Dunlap St. for $165,000.
Marie McKay to Morning Rain Holdings LLC at 3667 Perrysville Ave. for $73,000.
Sarah Kwiatkowski to Jeremy Lawler at 120 Richey Ave. for $235,000.
Jeremy Jerold Lawler to Kyle Glaser and Elli Anne Karras at 104 Waldorf St. for $220,000.

Perry Hilltop

Robert Matthews to David William and Lauren Abt at 129 Marshall Ave. for $219,999.

Spring Hill

Lisa Carvajal to Jason Paul Hahn and Jennifer Rose Panza at 1163 Admiral St. for $75,000.
Patricia Kurta to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 1118 Fabyan St. for $1,802 by sheriff’s deed.

Troy Hill

Joanna Gottfried to C Van Sluytman at 1141 Brabec St. for $50,000.
Catherine Nevels to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB trustee at 121 Hatteras St. for $6,814 by sheriff’s deed.
Marlex Properties LLC to Pabean L.P. at 1311 Lowrie St. for $41,200.
Jeffrey Ryan Rice to Andrew Smith at 2167 Lowrie St. for $149,900.
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