Allegheny City Central

Great Dame L.P. to Trevor Ridilla at Eloise St. (VACANT LAND – PARCEL ID #0023-K-00366-0000-00) for $49,000.Estate of Ronald Schultheis to Windsor Capital LLC at 107 Parkhurst St. for $420,000.
Joshua Cozby to Anne and Clare Farris at 318 Jacksonia St. for $268,041.

Brighton Heights

William Carper Jr. to PGH Living Matter LLC at 3269 Bainton St. for $25,000.
Xiaozhen Chen to Good & Moore Real Estate Holdings LLC at 1901 Termon Ave. for $290,000.

East Deutschtown

Ian Miller to Justin Cullen at 825 Concord St. for $375,000.
818 Phineas Street Land Trust to Samantha Jo Fabin at 818 Phineas St. for $197,500.
Frank Sentak to Melius Capital Fund 3 LLC at 900 Wettach St. for $85,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Joshua Glover to Kathleen Dapper at 615 Avery St. for $275,000.
Graf Partners Development LLC to Nicholas Cary Rivers at 618 Lockhart St. for $275,000.


Steel City Observer Investment Group LLC to AJ Bigelow LLC at 2330 Atmore St. for $50,000.

Ibuypittsburgh Inc. to Redo Consulting LLC at 1034 Rothpletz St. for $38,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Adam Mubarak at 1017 Hall St. for $13,007.

Observatory Hill

Mark Ogara to Kenneth Charles Jae at 3751 Baytree St. for $135,000.

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