Brighton Heights

Divakaruni Bellevue LLC to FOF Properties LLC at 3596 Brighton Road for $205,000.

Anthony Laush Jr. to Timothy and Stephanie Murphy at 4055 Brighton Road for $135,000.

Marlex Properties LLC to Aung Thang at 3226 California Ave. for $127,900.

Jamie Beechey to Kellie Cominsky at 1845 Chellis St. for $150,000.

Shoniece Hall to JLA Properties L.P. at 3443 Fleming Ave. for $30,401 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $72,732) by sheriff’s deed.

Thomas Clarke to US Bank NA trustee at 3459 McClure Ave. for $8,959 by sheriff’s deed.

Joseph Grimes to Timothy Meckey at 201 Peddler Place for $157,500.


Estate of Natalie Buchanan to Bank New York Mellon trustee at 1703 Brighton Place for $2,644 by sheriff’s deed.

Emmanuel Taylor to Northside Properties R&S LLC at 842 Kirkbride St. for $17,500

Central Northside

Drozd Development & Construction Corp. to Shahrzad Bozorg at 1689 Perrysville Ave. for $23,000.


TYP 2 LLC to Jonathan Jordan at 1115 Fulton St. for $320,000.

Lee Van Voorhis to Irfan Khan and Wioleta Lisowska at 1010 Liverpool St. for $250,429.


Allegheny Columbian Assn. to Thomas Conroy at 3219 Central Ave. for $62,000.

Robert Lersch to True Vine LLC at 1232 Dickson St. for $45,000.

Sherry Cochenour Goodman to Douglas Kiefer at 1015 Smithton Ave. for $40,000.

High Return Pittsburgh MultiFamily Fund to Big Babec 33 L.P. at 3152 Sorrento St. for $10,000.

Observatory Hill

Michael Lanick III to Christopher Mrozowski at 251 Bascom Ave. for $125,000.

Perry Hilltop

Marlene Penny to Perry Hilltop Farm LLC at 2226 Wilson Ave. for $6,307.

Troy Hill

Michael Filkosky to Robert Brandl III at 1418 Lowrie St. for $120,000.

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