Northside Property Transfers: June 23-27, 2014


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Northside residential and commercial property transfers from the week of June 23-27, 2014.

Brighton Heights

ANR Properties LLC to Douglas and Margaret Temple at 3823 Wealth St. for $103,500.


Joseph Waters et al. to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 2619 Brighton Road for $1,842 by sheriff’s deed.

Estate of Frank Pelc Jr. to Timber Holdings LLC at 1430 Dickson St. for $41,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Derek Green at 2805 Frederick St. for $4,000.

Cama Sdira LLC FBO Paul Carter IRA to Timber Holdings LLC at 1235 Thelma St. for $35,000.

Central Northside

Alexander Zanon to Justine Scranton at 1228 Palo Alto St. for $330,000.

Barbara Frances Magee to Bethany Dittmar at 1245 Palo Alto St. for $252,000.

October Real Estate Holdings LLC to Daniel Hixenbaugh at Jacksonia St. for $12,000.

October Real Estate Holdings LLC to Matthew Grebner at Jacksonia St. for $7,500.

East Deutschtown

Pittsburgh City to Alfred and Josephine DePasquale at 826-828 E. Ohio St. for $29,900.


Pittsburgh City to Fineview Citizens Council at 5 Lanark St. for $3,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Jonathan Weschio to Joseph and Paulette Schwartz at 423 Avery St. for $152,500.

Alfred DePasquale to Jodi Butler and Kristen Garmey at Suismon St. for $25,000.


Pittsburgh City to Robert and Jessica Edgar at 1300 Chateau St. for $14,000.

Pittsburgh City to Significance 3251 Inc. at 1420 Stedman St. for $2,000.

Observatory Hill

Kevin Bradley to Timothy Donovan and Melissa Noonan at 3456 Delaware St. for $92,000.

Dennis Scanlon to Justin Pfeiffer and Jennifer Mendak at 11 E. Marshall Ave. for $73,000.

Keystone Interactive Service Inc. to Kelsey Morin Werth at 4029 Franklin Road for $83,000.

Jonathan Huntley Preisser to Steven and Caitlin Werth at 48 Perryview Ave. for $146,000.

Perry Hilltop

Horizon Trust Co. Cust FBO Charles Greine to Robert and Diane Moser trustee at 2386 Irwin Ave. for $33,000.

Frank Chao to Rosemary Anderson at 2421 Perrysville Ave. for $35,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Oakglade Realty Capital Partn. L.P. at 2201 Wilson Ave. for $10,000.

Spring Garden

Mary Snowden to Alan and Kelly Slipak at 1009 Voskamp St. for $137,000.

Summer Hill

Carol Ann Ebert to Kelly Policicchio at 4468 Scherling St. for $105,000.

Troy Hill

Pittsburgh City to Veysel and Gulgun Tahan at 1416 Claim St. for $22,000.

Clifford Gross to Province Street Properties LLC at 1108 Goettman St. for $13,000.

Charles Kainz to Robert Helms III at 1952 Lowrie St. for $22,000.

Nicholas Irons Armstrong to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 2023 Lowrie St. for $1,968 by sheriff’s deed.

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