Brighton Heights

Estate of Christopher Marquardt to Christopher Marquardt and Kara Volk at 3918 Mcclure Ave. for $202,000.

East Deutschtown

Kurt Schaefers to Pehri Faulkner at 818 Suismon St. for $210,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Mary Armstrong to Katherine Susanne Tarara at 514 Cedar Ave. for $325,000.
501 Properties LLC to 435 Property LLC at 435 E Ohio St. for $202,500.


Morgan D & S Housing LLC to 1809 Termon LLC at 3245 Rothpletz St. for $37,000.

Observatory Hill

Graham Street Partn. LLC to Greenfield Holding LLC at 260 Watson Blvd. for $315,000.
Bernadette Hairston Rosser to Jesse Perkins at 261 Watson Blvd. for $13,000.

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