Brighton Heights

Edwin Gumban to Cathleen Komorowski and Frank Taylor at 1801 Marmaduke St. for $59,000.

James Founds to Michael and Jocelyn Hartnett at 1625 Orchlee St. for $290,900.

Sherri Searight to Justin Salinetro at 3846 Wilksboro St. for $100,000.

Allegheny City Central

Sandra Gough to Richard Pipak III and Tori Fondrk at 1223 Reddour St. for $319,900.

Anna Ahronheim to Joseph Kalinoski and Linda Hagen at 1501 Federal St. for $512,500

Matthew Dennis Carter to Stephen Bowen and Maria Chavara at 1409 Monterey St. for $265,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Amy T Jones Norton to Rachel and Matthew Ahn at 520 Avery St. for $320,000.

Isaiah Sawhney et al. to Euan and Ann Morgan at 1002 Middle St. for $330,000.


Louis Sanders to Avid Holdings 1802 LLC at 4 Carrie St. for $4,500.


Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group to Manchester Citizens Corp. at 1309 Columbus Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $38,874).


Christina Patrono Smith to Jeffrey Mihelcic and Jason Watkins at 935 Smithton Ave. for $92,500.

Observatory Hill

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Emmanuel Niyibizi at 3816 Baytree St. for $26,099.

Bank America NA to Mica Lee Williams at 36 Watson Blvd. for $56,000.

Perry Hilltop

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Antionette Jones at 227 E. McIntyre Ave. for $39,900.

Triple Helix LLC to Cayce Woodson at 423 Marshall Ave. for $189,900.

Spring Garden

Jacqueline Johnson to New Direction IRA FBO Carolyn Metcalf IR at 2 Mauch St. for $12,000.

Spring Hill

Michael Cersosimo to Jonathan DaSilva at 1208 Itin St. for $119,500.

Kathryn Waldschmidt estate et al to US Bank NA trustee at 1035 Shreve St. for $3,597 by sheriff’s deed.

Summer Hill

Alice Schultz estate et al. to Olivia Horning at 4469 Scherling St. for $142,900.

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