Brighton Heights

Diane Marie Willard to Marlex Properties LLC at 4080 Cambronne St. for $21,226 by sheriff’s deed.
Andrew Kuftic to John Basinger at 3500 McClure Ave. for $212,500.
Cara Gaetano to Nancy Reis at 920 Reiss St. for $177,000.
John Betton to Olmectec One LLC at 1801 Termon Ave. for $134,901.

Charles Street Valley

William Swazuk to Todd Meyer at 1937 N Charles St. for $245,000.


Jeffrey Chulack to Khin OO and Aye Aye at 1426 Dickson St. for $110,000.
Gethsemane Place LLC to Faith Housing Development LLC at 3426 Shadeland Ave. for $96,500.

North Shore

Timber Court Partners to Borborygmus LLC at 127 Anderson St. for $5,505,900.
Foley Property Partners to Borborygmus LLC at Isabella St. (Parcel ID : 0008-H-00264-0000-00) for $184,100.
Osterling Business Partners to Borborygmus LLC at 228 Isabella St. for $230,000.
Timber Court Partners to Borborygmus LLC at E General Robinson St. (Parcel ID : 0008-H-00283-0000-00) for $80,000.

Observatory Hill

Milton Allen to Daniel and Angela Twum at 4055 Perrysville Ave. for $120,000.

Perry Hilltop

NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC to Jane Christ and Kathryn Rothenhoefer at 133 Hawkins Ave. for $153,500.

Spring Hill

Melissa McCart to Yona Harvey at 923 Yetta Ave. for $100,000.

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