Allegheny City Central

Pittsburgh Housing Development Corp. to Northside Properties R & S LLC at 532 Armandale St. for $1,500.
Craig Reinhard to Ryan Griffin and Allyson Stonis at 1505 Federal St. for $400,000.
William Florijan to David and Catherine Berko at 224 Jacksonia St. for $320,000.

Brighton Heights

Weberg Properties to City Living Properties LLC at 3805 California Ave. for $325,000.
Diane Foster to 1831 Kleber Club LLC at 1831 Kleber St. for $145,000.
Kalman Szabo to Shawna Moorefield at 3719 Millerton Ave. for $183,000.

East Deutschtown

Linda Ketterman to Eric and Laura Mt. at 834 Tripoli St. for $75,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Mark Ludwig to Mary Ann McCarty at 418 Lockhart St. for $295,000.


Michael Brugger to Jonathan Pitcher at 1305 Liverpool St. for $460,000.


Thomas Gaertner to Thang Phuoc Vo at 2708 California Ave. for $12,000.
Lawrence Richardson to SSRT Homes LLC at 1114 Ingham St. for $31,500.
Henry Hintemeyer to Soma International Ministries Inc. at 2907 Plough St. for $50,000.

Observatory Hill

Brian Faust to Shawn Enrique Macas and Chelsie Marie Winemiller at 428 Dunlap St. for $208,000.
Michael Pellas to Adam Kurstin and Kyla Kemmerer at 3813 East St. for $168,000.

Perry Hilltop

Cynthia Kowalski to David Bingham at 1845 Clayton Ave. for $144,000.

Spring Hill

Oceana Development LLC to Tafadzwa Chigumira at 2471 Sunset Ave. for $157,000.

Troy Hill

Vicki Vento to Allison Dekosky at 29 Overlook Ct for $650,000.

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