Brighton Heights

Heidi Card to Gene and Katilin C Flynn Goodwin at 3603 California Ave. Unit B for $114,000.
Linda Malay to Jason and Adrienne Jouver at 1130 Davis Ave. for $177,000.
Kayla M Rebel O’Neill to Rebeka Hughey at 1167 Lapish Road for $214,950.

East Deutschtown

Rabia Hassan El Haj Benali to Joseph Schivins at 1107 Chestnut St. for $4,250.


Forward Realty Solutions LLC to Ru Emmons at 520 Suffolk St. for $53,000.

Observatory Hill

Refugee Resettlement Trust #3788 to Ryan and Heather Tatton at 3788 East St. for $99,000.
Collin Gefert to Kevin Zugec and Hannah LaFleur at 201 Montana St. for $155,000.
LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Joseph Kennedy and Dawn Hartman at 75 Watson Blvd. for $40,500.

Spring Hill

Shawn Dugan to Lauren Moss at 916 Yetta Ave. for $155,000.

Summer Hill

Clyde Caligiuri to Chase Mendenhall and Alan Barrientos Hernandez at 258 Chapin St. for $115,000.

Troy Hill

C. Van Sluytman to Fortune Foreclosures LLC at 1141 Brabec St. for $77,500.
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