Allegheny City Central

Tyler Norman to Nicholas Dardenne and Panayiota Govas at 1706 Buena Vista St. for $471,500.
TPX Holdings LLC to East Jefferson Develop LLC at 128 E Jefferson St. for $66,918.

Brighton Heights

Haven Home Builders LLC to Michael and Carlene Halmo at 1461 Benton Ave. for $370,000.
Susannah Creen to Moxie Venture LLC at 3625 California Ave. for $230,000.
Robert Spanik to Kathleen Beatty at 3523 Campus St. for $44,500.
Jesse Ecker to Colin Arthur Bates and Emily Jane Bell at 3990 Drexel Road for $190,000.
Estate of Cecelia Thompson to Emily Matschner at 4010 Shoreham St. for $100,000.
David Critchlow to Michelle Porter at 1821 Wittmer St. for $236,000.

East Deutschtown

Bernard Grady to Taylor and Marvin Ledgister at 902 Constance St. for $125,000.
Andrew Briggs to Claire McCue at 915 Wettach St. for $315,000.


The High Return Pittsburgh MultiFamily F to Matthew Michael Spolsky at 233 Marshall Ave. for $175,000.

Observatory Hill

Gregory Sovek to Delia Veschi at 211 Bascom Ave. for $139,900.

Shachar Pooyae to Michael Petyak and Renee Monahan at 14 Montana St. for $139,900.
Tanisha Wilkes to Brian Dourlain at 317 Venture St. for $122,500.

Perry Hilltop

Allegheny Property Solutions LLC to I Work Solution LLC at 2121 Federal Street Ext. for $28,000.
David Splittberger to Natasha Neira at 2212 Perrysville Ave. for $195,000.

Spring Garden

NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC to Tyler Andrews at 1124 Voskamp St. for $287,000.

Summer Hill

William Gendron to William Halcomb at 4476 Highridge St. for $166,750.

Troy Hill

H1 Management LLC to Philip Coiro at 1127 Goettman St. for $115,000.
John Schweizer to Oliver Morrison at 1378 Herman St. for $153,000.
Steven Guyton to Thomas and Cynthia Hart at 40 Waterfront Drive for $592,500.

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