Northside Property Transfers: July 4-8, 2016


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Brighton Heights

Cheryl Lennartz Szymanski to Elisha and Timothy Lewis at 1323 Beckham St. for $47,700.

Jessica Wenner Sapsara to Brett Cassidy at 4048 Cambronne St. for $95,000.

Stephen Sowa et al. to Una Davoren at 1340 Davis Ave. for $148,000.

Estate of Roberta Leitch to Tracey Spicuzza at 1013 Flora St. for $90,000.


Michael Warner to Happiness Holdings LLC at 3000 California Ave. for $61,750.

Central Northside

N2 Properties L.P. to Jude Hays and Sukanya Romyanon at 209 Carrington St. for $12,000.

Charles Street Valley
Pittsburgh City to Douglas Armstrong at 1927 N. Charles St. for $20,000.

East Deutschtown

Joseph Begic to Eugene and Susan Wilston at 816 Suismon St. for $92,500.


Pittsburgh City to Terra Ferderber at 427 Catoma St. for $250 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $11,881).

Historic Deutschtown

Pinnacle Redevelopment Group LLC to Robert Boback and Sarah Bailey at 1006 Cedar Ave. for $462,043.


Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Dennis Vodzak at 1332 Pennsylvania Ave. for $105,000.

Observatory Hill

Andrew Phillip Jackson Jr. to Park West LLC at 4104 Franklin Road for $5,000.

Dennis Austin to Collin Gefert and Nicole Matschner at 201 Montana St. for $95,000.

Kenneth Johnson to US Bank NA trustee at 315 Richey Ave. for $2,210 by sheriff’s deed.

Perry Hilltop

Three Rivers Property Management LLC to JYF Holdings LLC at 761 Chautauqua Court for $55,000.

Keith Younger to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 613 Chautauqua St. for $1,961 by sheriff’s deed.

Reformed Presbyterian Woman’s Assn. to Nancy Noszka at 254 E. Burgess St. for $10,000.

Randy Bradsky to Derrick Olszewski at 2704 Perrysville Ave. for $16,000.

MTGLO Investors L.P. to Milton Jackson at 2808 Perrysville Ave. for $12,000.

Spring Hill

Joshua Wasielewski to Aaron Fitzpatrick at 1146 Fabyan St. for $125,000.

Alan Weidman to Terry Young II at 1714 Rhine St. for $12,119 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $38,677) by sheriff’s deed.

Troy Hill

Justin Michael Rice et al. to Jeffrey Ryan and Nicole Diana Rice at 2167 Lowrie St. for $82,000.

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