Northside Property Transfers July 30 to August 3, 2018


Allegheny City Central

Diane Basty to Jackson Baker and Sarah Crafton at 1433 Federal St. for $408,000.
Driftwood Partners LLC to Andres Franco Gomez and Ana Victoria Luperi at 110 Sampsonia St. for $355,000.

Brighton Heights

DPR Property LLC to RTO SA Holding 181 L.P. at 3821 Bonaventure Way for $42,000.
Estate of Laura Baxter to Greenbriar Investment Co. LLC at 3916 California Ave. for $53,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $106,362) by sheriff’s deed.
Matthew Shaffer to Charles and Nicole Patton at 206 Carpenter Lane for $145,000.
Denise Murphy Olatunjii to US Bank NA trustee at 3328 Fleming Ave. for $20,000.
Robert Sowa to Robert Sowa and John Uribe at 4021 Kleber St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $36,081).
Evangeline Dempster to Michael Uribe at 3508 Simen Ave. for $170,000.


Pittsburgh City to Project Destiny Inc. at 1322 Sigel St. for $2,000.


MCC MCS LLC to Mitchell Edwards at 1219 Columbus Ave. for $306,000.


Shirley Farmer to Wells Fargo USA Holdings Inc. at 1233 Dickson St. for $3,061 by sheriff’s deed.
Estate of Andrew Bober to Dirk Lackovich and Ashley Lackovich Van Gorp at 1433 Eckert St. for $92,500.
John Balkovitz to Michael and Raoul Dupuis at 1117 Highwood St. for $90,000.
Caroline Dahlquist to Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency at 1123 Hodgkiss St. for $2,242 by sheriff’s deed.
Stacy Properties LLC to Brian Schaub at 1 Lecky Ave. for $149,900.
Belinda M Bailey Boateng to Will Milner at 1001 Woods Run Ave. for $105,000.
William Sauers to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 1039 Woods Run Ave. for $1,762 by sheriff’s deed.

Perry South

Maria Haley to US Bank NA trustee at 2020 Perrysville Ave. for $2,929 by sheriff’s deed.

Observatory Hill

Stanley Zidanic to John Lewandowski and Mary Jo Tschannen at 314 Milroy St. for $10,300.
RAAB Inc. to Joseph and Kimberly Deck at 100 Perryview Ave. for $156,000.
ESM Investment Group LLC to Barron Mortgage Corp. at 4006 Vinceton St. for $16,000.

Spring Hill

Edward Kotewicz to Sandra Williams at 35 Rostock St. for $15,000.

Troy Hill

Charles Andrew Beran to Thomas Siegle at 1146 Basin St. for $80,000.
Jennifer Satler trustee to Daniel Meyer and Mary Persin at 66 Waterfront Drive for $667,429.

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