Brighton Heights

Charles Beck to Raymond Yourd at 1412 Davis Ave. for $255,000.
Peter Allen to Annemarie Schaefer and Cooper Pierce at 1836 Kleber St. for $230,900.
Elizabeth C Kurz Kernan to Allison Emert at 3446 Rigel St. for $170,000.

Central Northside

Carol Brenneisen to Mark Roark and Matthew Lecornu at 1403 Sherman Ave. for $205,000.

East Deutschtown

Wholesale Properties LLC to Frank and Jessica Lipchak at 876 Vista St. for $40,100.


Domenic Betters to Marta Anyse Napoleone Mazzoni and Philip Alan Mazzoni at 1019 Allegheny Ave. for $230,000.
Dennis Allan to Tyler Porco at 1021 Allegheny Ave. for $255,000.
MCC MCS LLC to Maggie Hudak at 1223 Columbus Ave. for $300,000.
Ashley MacDonald to Benjamin Sgroi at 1015 Manhattan St. for $313,000.


Thomas Toner Jr. to Barrett Stephens and Abigail Moller at 7 Courtright St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $20,520).
Louis Essey Jr. to Urban Impact Foundation at 1362 Oakhill St. for $50,000.
Jason Durler to Gethsemane Place LLC at 1043 Woods Run Ave. for $8,000.

Observatory Hill

Matthew Bartock to Eboni Le’Sesne at 3719 Baytree St. for $155,000.

Spring Hill

Balm Investments LLC to Casa de Kaha LLC at 1234 Itin St. for $122,000.
Robert Lersch to Robert Lersch at 1924 Rockledge St. for $17,500.

Troy Hill

Kateri Hubert to Stephen Chechak Jr. at 1948 Ley St. for $22,500.
Sungkyu Jung to Meagan Bucciarelli at 18 Waterfront Drive for $530,000.

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