Allegheny City Central

Patriot Investment Properties Inc. to HPD North LLC at 842 Jacksonia St. for $540,000.
Kevin Kuntz to Ian Brasted and Laura Lovely at 1526 Monterey St. for $450,000.
Jefferson Town Homes in the War StreetsL to Robert Duca and Debora Chiaraluna at 519 W Jefferson St. for $590,000.
Robert Felix to Ricardo Simmons and Jon Tyillian at 613 W Jefferson St. for $400,000.

Brighton Heights

Alia Properties LLC to Triple T Res LLC at 4028 Northminister St. for $232,501.


4th Quarter Realty Group Inc. to Vincent Jones at 1350 Geyer Ave. for $106,000.
Helena Schaefers to Earthlow Holdings LLC at 1 Tumbo St. for $70,000.

Observatory Hill

JSSCRE LLC to Dylan Connor Thomas Dunlop at 3032 Viola St. for $187,500.

Perry Hilltop

John Lewis Jr. to North Shore Investments LLC at 1932 Morris St. for $20,000.

Spring Hill

Justin Waddell to Joseph Roy and Laura Greenberg at 2115 Rockledge St. for $330,000.

Summer Hill

Jon Stunja to Juliana and Tracy Mee at 4455 Cherryland St. for $185,000.
Gregory Zeitler to Jodi Campbell at 125 Ivory Ave. for $175,000.

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