Brighton Heights

James Notaro Jr. to Michael John and John Flickinger at 3553 Gerber Ave. for $280,000.
Estate of Wilma Rohaly to Edward and Roxanne Bannias at 1140 Goe Ave. for $68,000.
Keith Benevent to Alex Benevent and Stephanie Jell at 3421 Harbison St. for $120,000.
Pittsburgh City to Thomas and Maureen Uhler at 3413 Reuben St. for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,140).
Sandra Lee Marciniak to Devin Lee Carroll at 1810 Winhurst St. for $133,900.
Amanda Shumaker to Wade and Susan Ewing at 1826 Wittmer St. for $200,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Donna Ambrogi to KMGA Development LLC at 514 Knoll St. for $63,000.


Life’s Work Western PA to Sine Trading International LLC at 1439 N. Franklin St. for $415,000.


George Petro to A Tot’s Spot Inc. at 2715 Stayton St. for $7,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $36,366) by sheriff’s deed.

Observatory Hill

Salvatore Cervone to Barbara Demar at 143 Roosevelt Ave. for $60,000.

Perry Hilltop

Estate of George Mechem to Todd Meyer at 1 Overlook St. for $30,000.

Spring Garden

Martin Marinack to Jennifer McDonald at 1277 Voskamp St. for $10,000.

Spring Hill

Lee Etta Hairston to Tammy Birchfield at 402 Lamar St. for $69,072.

Summer Hill

Erin Feith Aland to Aaron Byrne at 4477 Cerise St. for $175,000.

Troy Hill

Sams Uddin to Nicholas DeLia at 2146 Lowrie St. for $17,950.
Woodbrook Builders Inc. & Starting Fresh to Amir and Tamar Belson trustee at 2129 Straubs Lane for $28,000.
Andrea Wisenauer to Mark and Denise R Lull Oggero at 69 Waterfront Drive for $500,000.

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