Allegheny City Central

Craig Chu to TPX Holdings LLC at 130 E Jefferson St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $67,488).

Allegheny West

Allegheny County Medical Society to Duquesne Light Co. at 713 Ridge Ave. for $1,700,000.
Kevin Shaffer to Christopher Scott and Colleen Storm at 930 W. North Ave. for $490,000.

Brighton Heights

Paul Pitts to Abigail Wilson at 314 Lamplighter Circle for $202,000.
Mary Louise Lococo to Brenda Hockmuth at 4043 Cambronne St. for $165,000.
Zhanchun Dong to Krista McGuigan at 3629 Fleming Ave. for $249,900.
Kyle Kenia to William and Jessica Schneekloth at 3653 Harbison Ave. for $164,980.
Lisa Kusan to Roy Rowe at 1556 Hubbard St. for $74,000.
Nancy Stiger to Jonathan Martino at 3932 Kleber St. for $122,000.
Louis Lamorte to Robert Miller at 3941 Kleber St. for $146,000.
Richard Tillilie to Raymond Rowe Jr. at 18 Mitchell St. for $10,000.


Thomas Reay to Scott White and Hannah Jane Aitchison at 2037 Osgood St. for $194,715.


Rewind Properties LLC to James Hoy at 1517 Manhattan St. for $400,000.

Observatory Hill

Susan Seitz to Cole Harris Carlino at 3823 Perrysville Ave. for $150,000.
Carl Davenport II to Scott and Marisha C McCormick Grabowski at 131 Richey Ave. for $190,000.
Alex Deacon to Danielle Beatty at 333 Richey Ave. for $130,000.

Spring Hill

Robert Sharp to Amos Financial LLC at 1228 Itin St. for $25,000 by sheriff’s deed.
William Stevens to NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC at 1130 South Side Ave. for $30,500.

Summer Hill

Bill Newton to Colin Breedlove at 3555 Colby St. for $176,750.

Troy Hill

Deborah Schmersal to Nicklaus Schubert at 1110 Brabec St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $18,354).
Mark Oggero to Joseph Pilarczyk II at 69 Waterfront Drive for $580,000.

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