Brighton Heights

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Macario Glover Hing at 3755 Atkins St. for $37,900.
Christopher Eisengart to Garrett and Justin Miller at 826 Benton Ave. for $115,000.
Ella Slaughter to Hallima Abdalla and Mohamed Ali at 4012 Brighton Road for $160,000.
Erin Springer to William Benedict Hardy and Marissa Graber at 1005 Davis Ave. for $340,000.
Gregory Lou to Mark Poston at 1805 Fairlee St. for $315,000.
Robert Dramble to Alexa Miller trustee at 3815 Mcclure Ave. for $45,000.
Daniel Kirsch to GT Property Holdings LLC at 1706 Termon Ave. for $90,000.
Matthew Brindamour to Timothy Lawrence and Kristen Leuschen at 1201 West Point Ave. for $190,000.
Chad Wise to Mark Schinzel at 3822 Wilksboro Ave. for $195,000.

East Deutschtown

Ariel Barasch to Kevin Kraft at 930 Peralta St. for $235,000.


Matthew Bartlett to Jonathan Paul Hanrahan and Sarah Ann Axtell at 434 Catoma St. for $142,785.
Alaina Investment Co. LLC to Paul Schacht and Hannah Gerbe at 1729 Warren St. for $169,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Shelton Carney to Yarnovich Capital LLC at 910 James St. for $170,000.


Western Avenue Assoc. to Cedarwood Commercial Properties L.P. at 1424 Western Ave. for $3,150,000.


Russell Laubach trustee to Roy Holiday IV at 2822 Shadeland Ave. for $5,000.
WGMAC LLC to Ambreia Dozier at 2916 Wadlow St. for $92,675.
Anthony Brown to SFR3-020 LLC at 1403 Woodland Ave. for $70,000.

Perry Hilltop

Derrick Olszewski to SFR3-000 LLC at 527 McClintock Ave. for $98,000.

Spring Garden

Fifth Ave Property Group LLC to 30:15 Investments LLC at 1326 Diana St. for $5,000.

Spring Hill

Arthur Mustakas to Katharyn Gaslowitz and Hannah Dobbs at 25 Solar St. for $60,000.
CKSBS Investments LLC to FG Real Est Investments LLC at 1155 Buente St. Unit 1 for $92,000.

Troy Hill

Estate of John Barron to Walter Lee Buchanan II at 2145 Lowrie St. for $58,000.
Estate of Lori Sabol to Joshua Hubert at 1912 Tours St. for $115,000.
Thomas Hart to Brittany Weber at 52 Waterfront Drive for $480,000.

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