Allegheny City Central

Karrie Bernhard to Monterey Alliance LLC at 1500-1502 Monterey St. for $260,000.
Justin Beers to Joshua Suhey and Dorinda Fella at 1402 Sherman Ave. for $225,000.

Brighton Heights

AG Real Estate LLC to Ian and Alison Groat at 3706 Brighton Road for $233,000.
Estate of Charles William Crawford Jr. to Kyle C Atkinson Dolan at 3944 Drexel Road for $162,000.
Cooper Pierce to Justin Thomas and Rachel Lynn Beers at 1836 Kleber St. for $245,000.


Gerard Vanaski to K Bennett Enterprises LLC at 1612 Meadville St. for $27,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $70,610) by sheriff’s deed.

Historic Deutschtown

Faros ACA RE LLC to ACA Concourse East Unit 3 LLC at 100 S. Commons for $2,750,000.


Andrew Joseph Fandozzi III to Manchester Citizens Corp. at 1308 Columbus Ave. for $34,900.
Kiwew Holdings LLC to JEAP Enterprises LLC at 1445 Nixon St. for $126,000.

Perry Hilltop

Katrina Nicole Davic to Daniel Grajeda at 2401 Osgood St. for $14,500.
H is for Homes LLC to Coron Howard at 2724 Veteran St. for $64,500.

Spring Garden

Ivory L.P. to Terry and Cathy Jones at 939 Itin St. for $25,000.

Spring Hill

Estate of Louisa Mattern to Mark and Pamela Mattern at 1904 Bader St. for $65,000.
Raymond Hollinger Jr. to Oceana Development LLC at 2471 Sunset Ave. for $15,000.

Troy Hill

Pittsburgh City to Mark and Kristan Mosley at 1140 Province St. for $2,500.

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