Allegheny City Central

Rogo Properties LLC to Todd Lee and Jennifer Kilgore at 103 Jacksonia St. for $85,000.

Terry Tokarczyk to Ryan Christopher Meyer and Christina Maria Morales Meyer at 1410 Sherman Ave. for $333,000.

Jefferson Town Homes in the War Streets to April Lutheran and Stephanie Olsen at 521 W Jefferson St. for $600,000.

Brighton Heights

Stephen Williams to John Warner and Nakita Pasek at 3652 Harbison Ave. for $230,000.


Keith Orth to Jamaica Lee at 1016 Rothpletz St. for $9,000.

Observatory Hill

Jonathan Levy to Nathaniel Smallwood at 3755 Baytree St. for $185,000.

Victor Trinkala to Raunaq Parikh at 3919 Portman St. for $21,000.

Perry Hilltop

Bruce Walker to JT Global Ventures LLC at 2815 Veteran St. for $40,000.

Spring Hill

Samuel Dickerson to Clive Bowen at 60 Rostock St. for $16,000.

Troy Hill

Shane Recker to Mike Lawson at 1743 Cowley St. for $260,000.

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