Allegheny City Central

Pittsburgh City to Frank Kartesz at 1418 Loraine St. for $24,000.

Brighton Heights

Justin Spaid to Harold Durbin and Brittney Chadwick at 63 Bascom Ave. for $65,000.
Allen Miller to Zachary Glenn Barlow at 621 Dornestic St. for $142,000.
Craig Bowser to Taylor Ryan at 4043 Brandon Road for $85,000.
Marlex Properties LLC to Golden Key Development LLC at 3836 Brighton Road for $62,500.
Michael James Egan to Kristy Huysman* and Christian Stoffan at 1400 Davis Ave. for $312,000.
Linda Weaver to Isaac John and Hannah Irene Mayeux at 3536 Fleming Ave. for $100,000.
David Myers to Linda Shelton at 3261 Richardson Ave. for $62,500.
Virginia Herdman to Jason Zalin at 3811 Wilksboro Ave. for $70,000.


Rewind Properties LLC to Vaneet Malhotra at 1932 Sedgwick St. for $65,000.

Charles Street Valley

Janitorial Resources Inc. to Brighton Row LLC at Brighton Road (Vacant Land) for $139,050.

Janitorial Resources Inc. to Flocker Row LLC at Flocker Way (Comm Aux Building) for $62,350.

Janitorial Resources Inc. to 1912 Brighton LLC at 1912 Flocker Way for $287,840.
Janitorial Resources Inc. to Charles Street Row LLC at 1911-1915 N Charles St. for $47,760.


Thomas Prorok to Golden Key Development LLC at 1325 Highwood St. for $20,000.

PGH City Property LLC to Thomas Randall Lohr at 3150 Lecky Ave. for $25,000.

North Shore

NG Riverfront LLC to 810 River Avenue Assoc. LLC at 810 E River Ave. for $5,690,000.

Observatory Hill

WendyP Investment Properties LLC to Armando and Lisa Padilla at 3844 Baytree St. for $122,500.
Marian Pieh to James and Jill Oliver at 3036 Viola St. for $74,900.

Spring Garden

Micah Rosa to Two Eyed Jack LLC at 938 Vista St. for $60,000.

Troy Hill

Todd Harley to Community Restoration Corp. at 1137 Brabec St. for $8,000 by sheriff’s deed.
David Salo to Brendon and Kari Rawlings at 1142 Province St. for $65,000.

*This information has been updated to correct name spelling and order of names on the deed. 2/19/2020

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