Allegheny City Central

Edward Orehek to Cody Lee and Taylor Marie Caplinger at 1509 Federal St. for $410,000.
Colin Williams to Michael Charles Bethune and Katie Marie Whipkey at 25 Jacksonia St. for $243,000.

Brighton Heights

William Day to Intellectual Properties Pittsburgh LLC at 1627 Antrim St. for $50,001.
Samuel Su to Brett Davis McCallon and Jennifer Jo Smith at 1000 Davis Ave. for $227,548.
Kelley Louise Beeson to Joseph Rubenstein and Jennifer Shumar at 3627 Fleming Ave. for $326,300.
Estate of Richard Welsh to Adam Jones at 1317 Stokes Way for $75,000.

East Deutschtown

Estate of Dorothy Ann McKeen Parker to Eric Leathers and Alexa Vazquez at 1007 Chestnut St. for $150,000.


Brian Mouradian to Thomas Corwin at 1618 Myler St. for $231,000.


David Mensing to Gregory Daniel Kuhns at 1335 Gifford St. for $75,000.

Observatory Hill

Alaina Investment Co. LLC to Andrew Gaiser at 3929 Vinceton St. for $89,500.
Bigbowl LLC to VMR Investments LLC at 4041 Vinceton St. for $22,000.
Timothy Denham to Paul and Fabiana Lehmann at 345 Waldorf St. for $310,000.

Perry Hilltop

OBPA LLC to Menfil Ramirez and Erica Lopez at 309 E McIntyre Ave. for $33,000.

Spring Garden

Andrew Leist to Erik Bimbo at 1264 High St. for $3,000.

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