Brighton Heights

Estate of Richard Velan to Joanne Dunn at 1507 Cooper Ave. for $65,000.
Pittsburgh City to Christie Chabassol at 3403 Reuben St. for $201 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,508).
Paul Shefsiek to Geoff Leonard and Karley Parker at 1311 Termon Ave. for $225,000.

East Deutschtown

Chris Waraks to Bloomfield Enterprises LLC at 841 Peralta St. for $15,000.

Bridgehouse Properties LLC to Bloomfield Enterprises LLC at 1008 Constance St. for $51,000.
Quadvestors LLC to 816 Spring Garden Enterprises LLC at 816 Spring Garden Ave. for $44,500.

Historic Deutschtown

Estate of Nancy Snyder to Aaron Travers at 613 Avery St. for $193,000.


Helena Schaefers to John Michael and Elizabeth Alice Heft at 1441 Nixon St. for $50,000.
Herman Jones Jr. to Peter Teris and Paula Babac at 1329 Page St. for $270,000.


Evan Mendenhall to Leonard Howell Jr. at 2655 Brighton Road for $60,000.

Observatory Hill

James Angyal to Mario Signore and Cheryl Guyer at 3031 Mt. Allister Road for $197,900.
Sean Winters to Black Knights LLC at 3626 Perrysville Ave. for $195,500.
Evan Mendenhall to Leonard Howell Jr. at 3931 Vinceton St. for $40,000.

Spring Hill

US Bank NA trustee to June Lloyd at 1104 South Side Ave. for $20,000.

Summer Hill

Estate of Anita L Thomas Brown to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 3529 Sirius St. for $4,134 by sheriff’s deed.

Troy Hill

Mark Zelenski to Charan Rajan at 35 Waterfront Drive for $515,000.

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