Allegheny City Central

Amy Schultz to Natalie Leland at 516 N. Taylor Ave. for $342,000.
Larry Hall to Gillian McTiernan at 1202 Resaca Place for $262,900.
Property Trio LLC to Rachel O’Brien and John Lawrence Lindberg at 1309 Sherman Ave. for $120,000.
Sharon Joseph to Fiona Kelman at 216 Jacksonia St. for $275,000.
John Engle Jr. to Kevin Kuntz and Julien Eckstrom at 1526 Monterey St. for $289,000.
Marcella Fowlkes to Elizabeth Pearson at 528 W. Jefferson St. for $14,912.

Brighton Heights

Glow Properties LLC to Enzo Ventures LLC at 3406 California Ave. for $108,000.
Albert Dutzik Jr. to Alex Carson at 109 Cobbler Circle for $184,000.
Gregory Boyd et al. to David Kreimer and Robin Kent at 1818 Kleber St. for $270,138.
Jeffrey Worsinger to 642 Carothers L.P. at 1906 Morrell St. for $75,000.
Vecellio Properties LLC to NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC at 4017 Oswald St. for $62,000.
US Bank NA trustee to AT ST 2 LLC Series 1 at 106 Richbarn Road for $43,500.
Gary Stutz to Patrick Rakszawski and Andrew Paul Weier Jr. at 1855 Wittmer St. for $140,800.


North Side Assoc. to Northside Properties Residences 1 LLC at 1010 Morrison St. for $3,240,000.
Mistick PBT to North Side Assoc. at 1617 Brighton Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $78,204).

Charles Street Valley

Karen Boyd to North Side Assoc. at 2533 N. Charles St. for $24,400.
Corinne Wilson to KJN Grant LLC at 2535 N. Charles St. for $22,000.

East Deutschtown

John McGrath et al. to Chera Pupi and Quiana Brown at 827 Concord St. for $298,000.
Emerencia Torma to Salvatore Richetti at 833 Tripoli St. for $50,000.                               Kelly A Elsesser Kennedy to ARBL’N LLC at 1014 Chestnut St. for $15,000.

Observatory Hill

New Lockhart LLC to Rose Property Holdings PA LLC at 3322 Delaware St. for $35,000.
E* Trade Bank to Mustafa Kizilkaya at 3860 East St. for $25,000.

Spring Hill

George Seskey to Nicklaus Schubert and Kenneth Tester Jr. at 94 Overbeck St. for $8,000.

Troy Hill

Joshua Snyder trustee to Thomas and Cynthia Hart at 52 Waterfront Drive for $425,000.

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