Allegheny City Central

TWJS & JYC LLC to James Stephens at 1610 Brighton Road for $16,850.
Alethia Bush to Nizar Eldaher and Patricia Khalil at 117 E Jefferson St. for $40,000.
Sara C Gutting Calhoun to James and Marlena Musico at 1510 Federal St. for $439,900.

Allegheny West

Joseph Iannotta to Diane Yates trustee at 929 Beech Ave. for $590,000.

Brighton Heights

Haven Home Builders LLC to Adam and Allison Clevenger at 1465 Benton Ave. for $250,500.
Estate of Paul Kelly to Sai Mahima LLC at Brighton Road (Small Detached Retail Store) for $120,000. 
Jonathan Ott to Abdul Rahim at 3242 Brighton Road for $56,000.
Brighton Heights Citizens Federation to William Goodrich and Beth Lazzara at 3646 California Ave. for $13,100.
Shawn Jones to John Austin Augustine and Pavel Bugrov at 1043 Lapish Road for $270,000.
Kimberly Jeanne Kihm Palumbo to Judah Constant at 2016 Termon Ave. for $150,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Jeff Bruno to Ray Franklin Carter and Jonathan Darren Ebeck at 512 Pressley St. for $380,000.


Bridgehouse Properties LLC to Dongyan Wang at 1448 N Franklin St. for $48,000.
Eugene Taylor to True Vine LLC at 1104 Sheffield St. for $280,000.


Pittsburgh City to Joy Sabl at 1400 Eckert St. for $201 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $23,200).
David Myers to Cory Russell Ostach at 3011 Wadlow St. for $49,000.


Observatory Hill

Pittsburgh Housing Development Corp. to Allison Fatla at 22 Mairdale Ave. for $32,915.

Summer Hill

Eric Bimber to Kevin Giles at 327 Ivory Ave. for $161,000.

Troy Hill

Patricia Reiner to Robert Wilston at 1406 Lowrie St. for $119,000.

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