Brighton Heights

Socorro Holding 2 LLC to Amy and Alexa Loveridge at 3722 Parviss St. for $184,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Gregory Allison to Steel Leaf Holdings LLC at 608 Avery St. for $206,000.

Donald Hoss to Hungry Heart Investments LLC at 403 E. Ohio St. for $325,000.


NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC to Kevyn McPhail at 1304 Decatur St. for $69,000.

Pittsburgh City to SS Allegheny LLC at Liverpool St. (VACANT LAND, PARCEL ID #: 0022-L-00271-0000-00) for $10,226.


Christiana Howell to Vincent Joseph McMullen and Sophia Estelle Pierre at 1320 Woodland Ave. for $165,000.

Perry Hilltop

Myron Little to Hercules Holdings LLC at 2649 Veteran St. for $43,000.

Spring Hill

W & J Home Services LLC to Zachary and Karen Braden at 2213 Rockledge St. for $215,000.

Troy Hill

Patricia Darin to Nathaniel and Kiri Harper at 1813 Eberhardt St. for $101,000.

Gerald Mann to 4th Quarter Realty Group Inc. at 2144 Lautner St. for $30,000.

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