Allegheny City Central

Beverly L Pettus McGhee to Ellyn Inc. at 424 N. Taylor Ave. for $44,001.

Steel City Group LLC to Christian Oscar Perez at 1217 Reddour St. for $365,000.


Brighton Heights

Victor Mullen to Brittnea Turner at 1439 Davis Ave. for $95,000.

Harriet Jane Brickell to Bank America NA at 1909 Marmaduke St. for $60,000 by sheriff’s deed.

Karl Limmer to Dequan Jiao at 1901 Termon Ave. for $32,500.


East Deutschtown

October Real Estate Holdings LLC to Arrakis LLC at Phineas St. for $314,710.

Christophas Walker to Ellie Harward at 1017 Vinial St. for $195,000.



Aice Davis to Edgar Jackson Jr. at 304 Lafayette Ave. for $30,000.


Observatory Hill

Christiana Trust trustee to New Lockhart LLC at 3322 Delaware St. for $29,900

New Lockhart LLC to Ryan Kegges and Kiersten Erlanson at 3001 Oak Park Road for $180,000.

John Richardson Jr. to Tyler Rathvon at 4040 Oakdale St. for $137,000.

Stephen Kalla to Ken Clark at 208 Venture St. for $64,500.

James Wally to Semper REI LLC at 4004 Vinceton St. for $64,000.

Sara Forkosh to Richard and Ronald Werner at 404 Wabana St. for $24,000.


Perry Hilltop

CN 110 Enterprises LLC to Sequoia Residential LLC at 2624 Norwood Ave. for $20,000.


Spring Garden

Carl Hoffield to Mid West Pre Sort Mailing Services Inc. at Welser Way for $20,000.

Rebecca Gee to Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency at 1700 High St. for $1,845 by sheriff’s deed.


Spring Hill

Estate of Ronald Fosbaught to Brannigan Sherise McClinton at 5 Nettie St. for $38,000.

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