Northside Property Transfers: Jan. 18-22


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Brighton Heights
Evelyn Sernick to Michael Frederick at 1109 Flora St. for $40,000.
Casey Wagner to Nathan and Meissa Brown at 3605 Laird St. for $149,000.
Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC to Sarah Mendak at 3514 Massachusetts Ave. for $21,200.
Alleda Travillion to Dollar Bank at 3449 McClure Ave. for $4,645 by sheriff’s deed.

Central Northside
Brian McGuirk to Lucky Woods LLC at 521 N. Taylor Ave. for $186,325.
Christopher Kane to Richard Thompson at 1408 Arch St. for $545,000.

East Deutschtown
Community Alliance Spring Garden-East Deutschtown to James Chen at 829 Suismon St. for $18,500.

Historic Deutschtown
Urban Trends LLC to Cheryl Hall Russell at 614 Foreland St. for $325,000.

Spring Garden
Paul Paulik to Daniel Bill at 1219 Spring Garden Ave. for $2,000.

Spring Hill
Veterans Administration to Kristen Hunt and Zachary Kaib at 860 Vista St. for $8,000.
Joseph Dulski to Pittsburgh Investors Inc. at 1026 Shreve St. for $17,500.

Troy Hill
Frederick Heckler to Louis and Kathleen Testoni at 79 Waterfront Drive for $920,000.


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