Allegheny City Central

Pittsburgh Property Guy H1 L.P. to Robert Helwig and Olivia Savisky at 1210 Loraine St. for $50,000.
Mark Schmitt to Grant Shprintz and Peter Martin at 105 Sampsonia Way for $295,000.
Douglas Pershun to Todd Palcic at Buena Vista St. (Vacant Land: 23-E-12) for $510,000.
Timothy Shields Proctor to Patrick David and Karen Gallagher at 414 Jacksonia St. for $619,162.

William Parker Jr. to Lynn Sullivan at 1425 Sandusky St. for $99,000.

Brighton Heights

Andrew James Emig to Richard Wong at 1610 Davis Ave. for $149,490.
Richard Cooper to Emma Lynne Richardson at 3434 Gass Ave. for $128,900.
William Dever to 12:1 Investments LLC at 1230 Goe Ave. for $69,000.
Christopher Davies to Shawn Wilhelm at 1800 Kleber St. for $186,000.
Killian Duffy trustee to Michael Duffy at 3513 Mexico St. for $48,000.
Chris Marunich to CBET LLC at 3621 Mexico St. for $88,922.


William Dever to 5:16 Investments LLC at 7 Russell St. for $35,000.
Semper REI LLC to Richard Wong at 1604 Forsythe St. for $113,775.
Treden Investments LLC to Morris Real Estate Solutions LLC at 1215 Schimmer St. for $155,000.
Tandra Wade to Brian Moser at 3126 Shadeland Ave. for $27,000.
Matafrey LLC to Mattie Ruth Cannon at 1525 Superior Ave. for $112,000.

Observatory Hill

Nicholas Dube to Heidi Jurecko at 2945 Perrysville Ave. for $229,900.
Estate of Eugene Brannon to Alaina Investment Co. LLC at 3929 Vinceton St. for $10,500.
Semper REI LLC to Richard Wong at 4004 Vinceton St. for $103,600.

Perry Hilltop

William Dever to 50:20 Investments LLC at Hazelton St. (Single Family) for $70,000.

Spring Hill

William Dever to P32 Investments LLC at 1331 Diana St. for $69,000.
Shannon David Smith to Benjamin Soltesz at 37 Noster St. for $19,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $44,196) by sheriff’s deed.

Lisa Vitovich to Sean Gregory and Jill Jacobs at 2104 Rockledge St. for $76,000.

Troy Hill

George Nerolich to Ronald and Lorraine Klueber at Troy Hill Road (Vacant Land: 24-L-25) for $18,000.
Kenneth Fuchs to RE BY YOS LLC at 2021 Eggers St. for $61,500.
Brian Fisher to James Ameris at 1302 Lowrie St. for $63,000.
2126 Straubs LLC to St. Lawrence Properties LLC at 2126 Straubs Ln for $40,000.


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