Allegheny City Central

Richard Garzony to Michael and Meghan Spezialetti at Loraine St. (VACANT LAND –
Parcel ID :0023-G-00118-0000-00) for $2,091.

Brighton Heights

Constance Sambroak to Eric Andrew Gentzler at 4028 California Ave. for $174,900.
Kyle Sutton to Harold Wood II and Stephanie Shea at 1314 Orchlee St. for $238,500.
Estate of Howard Domke to Jared Dale Ondovchik at 3236 Rothpletz St. for $53,000.


Estate of Raymond Waters to David and Deborah Wisnick at 1303 Stranmore St. for $14,500.

East Deutschtown

Rachel Harriott to CJ Real Estate Management GP at 846 Blossom Way for $42,000.
PinRE Holdings L.P. to Avissarim LLC at 837 Peralta St. for $50,000.


Arthur Williams to Ang Li at Suffolk St. (VACANT LAND – Parcel ID :0046-H-00346-0000-00) for $2,000.


James Martin to Fox Chase Solutions at 1242 Dickson St. for $45,000.
Pittsburgh City to Philip Bohr III and Katherine Bohr at 2925 Hartman St. for $5,400.

Observatory Hill

Stilts & Stones LLC to Sochet Sao at 3810 East St. for $108,000.
Jeffrey Blair to Derek Schnaitmann Roberson at 105 Venture St. for $43,500.
JT Global Ventures LLC to SFR 3 LLC at 2815 Veteran St. for $68,000.

Perry Hilltop

Steel City Observer Investment Group LLC to VB One LLC at 617-1/2 Danbury St. for $95,000.
David Lister to Taje Freeman at 2300 Osgood St. for $245,000.
Chad Cagey to Golden Key Development LLC at 2727 Perrysville Ave. for $20,000.

Troy Hill

Robert Fallon to Joel Sinclair at 1825 Elbow St. for $242,000.
Ronald Boyd to Sadie Paradise at 2013 Veronica St. for $167,000.


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