Allegheny City Central

Resaca Assoc. LLC to Kathleen Celestino at 1112 Palo Alto St. for $154,000.


Allegheny West

Alexander Knisely to John Hugh Engle Jr. and Edward Thomas Cihil at 933 Beech Ave. for $525,000.


Brighton Heights


Jon Replogle to Robert Murray at 3420 Reuben St. for $55,000.



Barbara J McFadden McGregor to Robert Martinac at 1245 Hodgkiss St. for $54,300.

East Deutschtown

Robert DiGiandomenico III to Jacqueline Bezek and Mark Guthridge at 813 Tripoli St. for $295,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Raymond Kasunick to Michael & Assoc. Inc. at James St. for $2,000.

Kasunick Properties LLC to Michael & Assoc. Inc. at 822 James St. for $673,000.

Charlie Town Capital LLC to Kelly Ann Peralta at 422-424 Suismon St. for $460,000.




Beaver Avenue Assoc. to Beaver Avenue Assoc.  LLC at 1301 Beaver Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,200,078).

J & E Real Estate L.P. to Robert DiGiandomenico III and Tucker Bair at 1135 Sheffield St. for $340,000.

Bank New York Mellon trustee to JRT Real Estate Group LLC at 1409 Sheffield St. for $115,000.


Observatory Hill

Gretchen Muckle to Paul and Victoria Whidden at 32 Perry View Ave. for $84,000.

M and M Resources LLC to CN 110 Enterprises LLC at 3922 Vinceton St. for $10,540.


Perry Hilltop

Jakim Nesta Kaya Donaldson to Rachel and Christine Mary Norton at 2419 Osgood St. for $64,000.


Spring Hill

US Bank NA trustee to S Scott Hallam at 1030 Haslage Ave. for $37,500.

Jack Weber to Cheyanne Zimmerman and Matthew Griffe at 1711 Leister St. for $100,300.

William Lape to Labougie LLC at 51 Leister St. for $15,000.


Troy Hill

A & B Renovation LLC to Mackenzie Cater and William Halstrick at 1715 Cowley St. for $191,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to KML Law Group PC at 1120 Brabec St. for $42,000.

Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group to Troy Hill Citizens Inc. at 1120 Brabec St. for $9,600.

Crain Real Estate & Rentals LLC to Christina Marie Barton at 1747 Cowley St. for $224,000.

Mark Sepe to Adam Eury and Berry Breene at 1826-1828 Lowrie St. for $135,000.


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