Sun Hui Vanhorn to I Work Solutions LLC at 2610 Bartold St. for $29,000.
Patrick Gaertner to Eric Williams at 1430 Eckert St. for $16,500.
Robert James Anderson to Matthew and Patricia Antram at 1034 Grand Ave. for $90,000.

Observatory Hill

Estate of Joseph Boylan to Justina Caroline at 4021 Portman Ave. for $129,500.
Ramon Argandona to Evan Delestienne and Marin Johnson at 3815 Portman St. for $132,500.

Perry Hilltop

Jerome Jones to Katelyn Richardson at 241 Kennedy Ave. for $3,000.

Summer Hill

Heath Shaffer to Trevor Byers and Jeffrey Niederst at 3533 Sirius St. for $130,000.

Troy Hill

Nicole Dimond to Stacy Gorny at 1430 Lowrie St. for $150,000.
Sirichai Phumirat to Emily Fleeson at 1918 Lowrie St. for $106,000.
Richard Krist to Jacob Schnoebelen and Claire Ellingson at 2114 Straubs Lane for $169,900.
Principal Real Estate Investments LLC to Dominic Delaurenti and Drew Gaworski at 1964 Straubs Ln for $189,900.


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