Northside Property Transfers February 11 to 16, 2018




Allegheny City Central

Daniel Bracken et al. to Jenna Kathryn Wetmore at 1311 Boyle St. for $265,000.

Pittsburgh City to JJT Holdings LLC at 123 Carrington St. for $2,000.


Brighton Heights

Michael Parker to Brighton Heights Citizens Federation at 3829 California Ave. for $18,500.

Shelly Tempalski to Donald Hammonds and Joseph Gatta at 3817 Oswego St. for $153,000.



Andrew Chulack to Stacey and Michael Smith at 3031 Shadeland Ave. for $79,000.

Roberta Johnson to Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency at 3011 Vensel Way for $2,700 by sheriff’s deed.



Rebecca Baker to Daniel Nall at 1207 Marshall Ave. for $57,500.


Deborah Doucette to 68 Seconds Inc. at 1411 Page St. for $269,000.

Northview Heights

Alfred Bahnson et al. to John and Sandra Kaminski at 1226 Chicago St. for $68,000.


Observatory Hill

Chelsea Laurin Fox to Corey Doyle at 3814 Baytree St. for $75,000.


Spring Hill

Estate of Anna Mae Balsimo to David and Cynthia Jennings at 1324 Diana St. for $25,000.

St. Michael’s & All Angels Lutheran Churc to Jeffrey Wateska at 1618 Rhine St. for $29,800.

Summer Hill

William Vaupel to Michael Joseph Sweezer and Kimberly Cruse at 4461 Nelson Run Road for $96,000.


Troy Hill

Abuccofan LLC to Alexis Demchenko at 1104 Goettman St. for $205,900.

Pittsburgh City to Anthony Salvino at 1801 Rialto St. for $2,100.

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