Brighton Heights

Greenbriar Investment Co. LLC to Top Pro’s Construction at 3916 California Ave. for $76,500.
James Adam Williams Jr. to Michael Cole at 3138 Shadeland Ave. for $53,500.


Pennsylvania Ave Pittsburgh Properties L to 1620 Penn Ave Property LLC at 1620 Pennsylvania Ave. for $700,000.


Victor Romanovich to Adam Wachter at 1937 Mountford Ave. for $22,000.


East End Group LLC to Michael Dorosh at 2922 Shadeland Ave. for $80,000.
Cynthia O’Toole to Brightwood Holdings LLC at 857 Smithton Ave. for $29,000.

Spring Hill

Gerlinde Reid to Nicole Hall at 1707 Rhine St. for $78,000.

Troy Hill

Dorothy Bujalski to Lynn Rosenberger at 2016 Ley St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $15,162).
Samuel Morris to William Battistone Jr. and Martina Wolf Battistone at 1404 Lowrie St. for $240,000.

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