Allegheny City Central

Blaise Palmieri to David Michael Papich and Christina Megan Boggs at 1208 Sherman Ave. for $248,000.


Francis Lyons III to PPREF B LLC at 3256 Bainton St. for $38,000.
Robert Bonds to Ko Nin and Ma Kyi at 1262 Hodgkiss St. for $105,000.

Observatory Hill

Brian Cohen to Ronald Newman at 427 Venture St. for $120,000.
Joseph Bridge to Erin and Carolyn Hunter at 225 Watson Blvd. for $140,000.

Troy Hill

XYZ Investments LLC to Bridgehouse Properties LLC at Lowrie St. (RETL/APT’S OVER: 24-D-161) for $70,000.


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